Women’s protection and early detection of cancer save the family from negative repercussions

 Women’s protection and early detection of cancer save the family from negative repercussions

Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, said that the ministry has supported the most important national institutions, namely the family institution. As the most powerful countries in the world could not find an alternative to the role played by the family, and investing in supporting the family system and working on its social and economic stability enhances all the efforts made by the Egyptian state to achieve the desired rates of social development and economic growth.

She added that the general objective of the forum today comes at the heart of protecting and supporting the Egyptian family, as the prevention of women and early detection of tumors saves the family from the negative psychological, social and economic repercussions in the event of a mother suffering from cancer.

This came during her speech at the Arab Forum for Women’s Health under the slogan “Women and Cancer…from Prevention to Recovery”, in the presence of Dr. Mohamed El-Azab, President of the Egyptian Society of Cervical Endoscopy, Dr. Ahmed El-Morsy, Executive Director of the Presidential Initiative for Women’s Health and representative of the Ministry of Health and Population.

She explained that the percentage of women infected with breast cancer in Egypt represents 35% of the general incidence of cancer, noting that there were 68,000 cases of breast cancer during the year 2020, and stressing the success of recovery rates if the infection was detected early.

She added that the Ministry of Solidarity can support the forum today in two main axes, which are raising awareness of the importance of women’s health and including it in all national policies and plans, and supporting civil society institutions interested and working in the development and health of women to implement prevention and early detection programs for tumors.

She explained that the Ministry of Social Solidarity is implementing an integrated program to raise community awareness in all issues affecting Egyptian families, especially the most vulnerable.